Hiwalk Eggroll with Peanut butter

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The No. 1 handmade Egg Roll

A must-buy souvenir from Taiwan!


The No. 1 handmade Egg Roll

A must-buy souvenir from Taiwan!


Hiwalk Eggroll is a signature souvenir for visitors to Taiwan.

Our eggrolls are handmade from fresh eggs, butter and filled with homemade peanut butter.


Our eggrolls are made from selected eggs from Lee-Yi farm at Pingtung in Taiwan, 

and the Anchor Butter from New Zealand.

No water or milk is added!

After being baked at 200°C, the crispy golden-color eggrolls are then filled with our rich homemade peanut butter.

The crunchy eggroll together with the creamy peanut butter inside will give you a taste that’s unforgettable!


Try it on!


1.  Washed eggs from Lee-Yi farm, Pintung, Taiwan.

2.  Anchor Butter of New Zealand.

3.  Peanut from Begang, Yunlin, Taiwan.



Packaging Description

2 rolls per pack / 8 packs in a box

Designed and handmade in Taiwan

Recommend to consume within 15 days

Hiwalk Eggrolls are all handmade locally in Tamsui, Taiwan. 

↓↓Loved by celebrities from Taiwan and Hong Kong↓↓

↓↓Top Ranking at google and yahoo! taiwan↓↓

↓↓Selected by OISOI, the premium supermarket in the UK↓↓

 Hiwalk Egg Roll is the only Taiwanese brand to be selected in the UK based premium supermarket. 

↓↓They all love it↓↓

We got so many hiwalk lovers around the world. Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the UK and the USA...

↓↓Reported By Taiwan and Hong Kong press↓↓

↓↓Hiwalk on aruco magazine↓↓

"It's a mix of modern and traditional taste. " - Aruco

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